The Importance of Studying in a University or a College

I firmly believe that there are number of good reasons to choose a university or a college for further studies. I would like to mention some of the most important reasons here to support my point of view.

Firstly, degree is the most important reason for going to a university for further studies. Your degree plays a very important role in building up your career and provides you with good job opportunities as well. To maintain a good lifestyle it is very important to earn good amount of money and have a good reliable source of income, which you can get it by the help of your degree.

Secondly, a university enables you to socialize with different types of people, work with them in groups and teams who help you learn about different types of things which increase your confidence level as well. Thirdly, in a university you go through a lot of examinations and assignments which make you a hard worker and a competitive person.

Fourthly, in a university you have to give a lot of presentations which are obviously of higher difficulty level in comparison with a school presentation, and they demand good amount of professionalism as well which helps you build up your communication and presentation skills too, which are requirements of today’s world.

Hence, these are some of the reasons because of which I believe that a university plays a very important role in someone’s life. I hope that I explained my point of view in a good way and the reasons I mentioned above supported my ideas as well.

Written by Syed Azfar Hussain – F.B Area – Karachi




I believe that everyone has his or her own reasons for attending universities. But in my opinion, people attend universities for getting knowledge to pursue their careers and to become more socialized.

The First thing is that a student learns only fundamental knowledge during his or her high schools. But in universities, students are enabled to do a depth study of their own interested specific fields. So this period is very crucial for the accumulation of knowledge, and it contributes a lot in the future of students to perform specific tasks in specific fields in professional life.

Secondly, after studying four years successfully, typically as a result, a university gives degree or diploma to students. This becomes evident that they have enough knowledge about a specific field on the basis of which students get well paid jobs more easily. Well, now a days unemployment rate is very high not only in developing countries, but also in developed countries. So getting deep knowledge about different fields in a university makes a person able to get a job easily during unemployment crisis.

No doubt the universities play significant role in pursuing careers of students by getting knowledge. But also an institution helps a person to socialize with different people with different backgrounds. It makes a person enables to learn about different cultures and different life styles. My brother studies in abroad and usually he discusses about his friends who belong to different cultures, and he shares his personal experience that he learns many things from his friends there.

I strongly believe that attending a university has a wide range of advantages, like getting deep knowledge, getting degree to pursue careers, and it gives us a big platform to interact with different people from different cultures. Universities make student life more meaningful and help them get more success. In my opinion, due to these reasons, most of people attend universities.

Written by Noreen Ali, Karachi, Pakistan



Everyone has its own opinion about, “Are parents good teachers or not”? Some of the people believe that they play a vital role in our life and others think that teachers, friends, etc have a significant role in our life. In my opinion, parents are most important and excellent teachers in children’s life and their role in development of children is tremendous, because from birth to young and from young to mature age, at every stage of life parents educate their children consistently.

According to some people, teachers play important role more than parents in children’s life because, parents have limited knowledge and they are not able to teach everything. So in schools, diversify teachers provide knowledge about various fields and make children’s ready for their professional life which is not possible for parents. And people thought that systematic education trained children better than parents, because parents are too much loving and not strict towards children’s, which also spoil children and make them stubborn, so somehow strictness is better for children to make them disciplined and hard working.

In my opinion teachers only give us sophisticated knowledge, but I believe that parents are more important teachers in child’s life because from birth to maturity they grew up with their parents. Parents teach their children how to walk, how to speak and how to behave in society. Most of children naturally copy their parent’s behaviors and life style. They give basic knowledge to children about culture, Religion, and history which are very compulsory for children to know. They taught children how to survive, and what are good manners and bad manners, for example Parent teach their children about using drugs are harmful for their health and life. Parents are more loyal and caring towards their children so they give their all efforts to teach children, what are good and better for them and they are always standing with them at every stage of life to give them advices and ideas which they experienced in their life.

All in all, parents and others people play an important role in children’s life and they can’t be replaced by each other, but after comparing parents and other people, role in children’s life I personally believed that no one is better than parents to teach children, because everyone has limited role in children’s life, but parents are those who always guide their children entire life so parents are best guides and teachers.

Written by Noreen Ali, Karachi, Pakistan



Knowledge can be acquired through several means, it can be formal or informal, written or observed. It depends on who is acquiring the knowledge to decide where he or she want to get it from.

Firstly, you acquire basic education from text books used to teach in schools and you become a good cook from experience. In school you are taught alphabets , numbers, science, words, and so on , these basic knowledge is what helps you through every stage of your life. You also apply what you are taught to your daily living and it takes you to where you want to be in life. Being a good cook is gained from experience, you start as an amateur , you have several trial and error, you get to fall and pick yourself up before you become the good cook everyone is talking about.

Secondly, you learn intellectual skills from books and you learn child Care from experience. The text books and journals that are used in teaching in schools gives you the intellectual skills you need in your chosen field. For instance an accountant learns calculations and balancing of numbers from the text books in his field . A new mom doesn’t know how to care for her baby , she start by what she was told by the nurse in the hospital and hen by what other people tell her . she gets to know what is right and wrong by facing the challenge and caring for her baby . as time goes on she does some right and some wrong till she is able to care for her bay without asking for help. By the time she has the second baby she becomes a professional at taking care of her baby and this is because she learnt from experience.

Further more, religious knowledge is learnt from reading a religious book and being a success in marriage is learnt from experience. Your knowledge about your faith is acquired by reading religious books and journals, they don’t teach those in class, reading it and applying it makes you a religious person. How to be successful in marriage is written in books but can only be a successful journey by actually being in one. The number of years spent in marriage going through the good and the bad makes you a success in it.

Finally, history can be learnt in books and driving can be achieved through experience. Knowing about events that have taken place in past centuries can only be read in history books because you cant go back in time to relieve those memories. For you to be a good driver , you need to start from being a novice and going through practical on the road and also putting a lot of practice into it.

In conclusion, I am of the opinion that knowledge gained from experience is more important , because these acquired knowledge are what forms you to be who you are in future. If people only rely on knowledge in books alone it will be detriment to their future and to the society as a whole.


Written By Abosede From Nigeria



Neighbors are the people that stay next to you , it may be a family or an individual. In my essay I am going to explain the qualities of a good neighbor.

Firstly , a good neighbor should be friendly. If your neighbor is not welcoming or receiving it is going to be difficult to interact and communicate with the person. If you cant talk with your neighbor then he or she should not be referred to as such. Also, your neighbor should be caring and loving, with these characteristics then you can be sure that he or she feels the same about you. This makes it easier for both of you to get along . for example, I remember when I was about 8years old, we had a neighbor who were newly married . my parents had a cordial relationship with them and we usually stay go play at their apartment and the woman would treat and care for us like we were her own. I always enjoy my stay at her place so much that I wouldn’t want to leave.

Thirdly, neighbors should be forgiving , when people from different background live together in a community , they are expected to step on each other toes , because they all have different values and norms. So when you have a misunderstanding with your neighbor, you should be able to forgive each other and move on . for instance, when I graduated from school , I moved out if my parents house and stayed on my own, I had a neighbor that was very rude to me and we had a misunderstanding and she stopped talking to me. Bu because of how I was raised I walked up to her and we talked and sorted out our differences, she appreciated that I made a move and we became best of friends after .

Finally , you should be a able to trust your neighbor, by trusting I mean he or she should have your back and you should be able to tell what their reaction will be to some situation. You should be able to confide in them and trust that they wouldn’t spread around your information. Also you should trust them enough to leave your kids or any of your possessions with them. In addition your neighbor should be patient, they should be able to treat situation in a subtle ay and address issues with patience.

In conclusion ,the above mentioned qualities are in my opinion the characteristics of a good neighbor. If your neighbor possesses all these qualities then you can be rest assured that you have a good neighbor and these helps both of you live in peace.

Written By Abosede From Nigeria


Nowadays food as become easier to prepare, has this improve the way people live? Use specific reasons and example to support your answer.

In my opinion I would say easy to prepare foods have not improved the way people live . In my essay I would be explaining reasons why easy preparation of food as not improve the way people live.

Firstly, easy to prepare foods are unhealthy, nowadays most meals are prepacked and canned. This meals are loaded with preservatives to keep them for a long time till they are consumed. For instance , I use to thin eating noodles was a life saver because it’s so easy and fast to prepare, after a while I read about an article about the making if noodles that states that the chemical that are used to cake the noodles together are cancerous . Consuming a lot of these food is dangerous to health and it can stare up health issues that can be avoided if not eaten. Another reason will be that it makes you lazy in preparing adequate because they are fast to make. For example, I remember when I went to visit an aunt of mine, I saw her prepare one of our local dishes in the Microwave . I felt so relieved that I just learnt a very easy way to make that dish, but when I got home and I was sharing my experience with my mum, she made me realize that microwave made meals is so dangerous because of the amount of radiation that goes into the food while preparing it.

Thirdly, most of the easily prepared meals do not contain the necessary nutrients the body needs to function properly, because these food are easy to make a lot of essential nutrients are left out. For instance , when I was in my nursing school because I wanted to get to class early I started leaving on canned meals, after a couple of months I started having the funny feeling in my stomach and I had to visit the emergency room. A number of test were carried out and it was discovered that I was lacking in some essential vitamins . with thorough questioning it was clear that this was as a result of the canned food I was living on at the time.

Furthermore, the process of making food in an easy way had some benefits , such as saving time. Punctuality is one of the good characteristic of being a great employee, so opting for easily made meals would be of advantage to your punctuality at your work place. Also, easy to prepare meals helps you to eat in small portions, for instance, a friend of mine was trying to shed some weight and she was told by her nutritionist to eat her meals in small portions. The best solution for her was to go for meals that were already packed and you just have to microwave them for a few minute, that was how she was able to achieve her weight loss.

In conclusion , I strongly believe that easy to prepare meals has not improve the way people live, because of the above mentioned reasons .if people will take time to prepare their meals in a healthy adequate manner , it will help reduce the morbidity rate in the society and also help to increase our lifespan.

Written By Abosede From Nigeria



I agree that parents are the best teachers and also would say that parents can’t teach their children all they need to know in life . For the children to have a complete education they need to be taught by other teachers too. In my essay I will be discussing the reasons while I agree that parents are the best teachers and also while they need to be taught by others .

Firstly, when a child is born the first education they receive from their parent is love. Parent show them love ant they learn how to receive love and show love also as they grow up. They teach you how to brush your teeth , take a bath, dress yourself , cutlery ethics and grooming in general. For example, when I was 8years old my father thought me how to make our local dish in the south west region of my country. My mum started teaching me to cook as early as 8years old, today I can beastly say I know how to cook a number dishes and I cook very well . Another reason , when you do wrong or make mistakes , your parents correct you in love and they tell you how to do it right the next time you try. They encourage you and help you through your rough times in love. For example, when I was in my secondary school , I wasn’t so good at physics because I didn’t like my physics teacher, when I failed physics my parents asked me what happened and why I failed . I told them that it was because I didn’t like my teacher and that didn’t make me pay attention to his lectures. I remember my mum talking me through it and she made know how important it is to not like someone and the consequences of that.

Thirdly, parents teach you morals i.e how important it is to show respect so that you can also be respected in return. For example, I come from the southwest region of Nigeria, according to our culture , when you want to greet someone older than you , the girl or lady will go on her kneels to greet ant the boy or man will postrate to show respect. My parents made sure that I know this and that I do it correctly. Another reason while parents are the best teacher is that they teach you the rudiments of your culture and history. No one can teach you this like your parent because they have been practicing it and they have experience and also it is their responsibility to pass it down to their children.

Furthermore, parent are patient teachers , no matter how many times you make a mistake they are willing to stay with you and help you do it right patiently. Other form of teachers don’t have this patience . for example when I was in my elementary school I was not doing well in my class but teacher didn’t have patience to help me through it, instead she just push me through the class so she could have a good review. My mum found out about this and she decided to take out time out of her busy schedule to teach me mathematics for one hour daily. That really helped me a lot and I was able to catch up with my mates and even did better than most of them .

On the other hand, there are so many other class of individuals that can teach a child other than their parents. A religious teacher for example a pastor teaches you about your faith, and tells you about the stories in the bible, they also teach you how to pray. For example, I learnt so much about my faith in the bible study and that made me know so much about the stories in the bible and about my faith and also how to apply my faith in my daily life. A large percentage of what we learn are taught by the school teachers, what you are taught in school either the elementary, high school and college is what made us who we are today . For example I went to a nursing school after my high school and I am a registered nurse today . In my profession I apply everything I learnt in all the schools I attended when I care for my clients. We are called professionals and career men or women because of what we learnt in school. Extended family members and friends are also plays a role in teaching a child.

In conclusion , I am of the opinion that parents are the best teachers, even though you also learn from other form of teachers , what you are thought by your parent takes you far in life . People who are not taught by their parents becomes a danger to themselves or the society in the future.

Written By Abosede From Nigeria







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